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The Portrait Writer

Rosemarie Fitzsimmons: The Portrait Writer

For want of a writer, many precious moments in life slip away. Your family stories should be captured in time and documented to be handed down through generations. 

If you have a story that would make a fitting Word Portrait of someone you love, but you aren’t a particularly strong writer, let me know. I’ll try to help. Here are some things I might be able to HELP you do:

  • Paint your father/uncle/grandfather’s story about what he did in the war, preserving that precious family history for future generations. SEE AN EXAMPLE HERE
  • Paint a story about your mom the way you remember her before she got sick.
  • Paint a story about your wedding day and all its calamity, the day your child was born, the first time you met your husband, or the day you knew HE was the one.
  • Paint a story about your dog, and how much you’re going to miss him.
  • Paint your letter to your graduating daughter to tell her how proud you are of her.
  • Write your girlfriend and tell her what an idiot you were, why you love her, and ask if she’ll take you back (no guarantees on her response).
  • Whatever that story is, if it’s worth capturing on a word canvas but you don’t know how, contact me at rosefitz.portraitwriter@gmail.com.

I will only paint stories that are uplifting, pay tribute, or shine a light in the darkness. Life is too short for anything else. Right now, I’m not looking for book-length stories, but snapshots of the people in our lives. Depending on subject matter, I may ask that you let me post your story on my blog for a period of time, or I may suggest sending it to a newspaper or magazine for publication. Of course, if you want to keep it to yourself, I completely understand.

I wish I could do this for free, because I love meeting new people and turning their stories into keepsakes; it gives me great joy. But frankly, my hope is that I can make a modest enough income from painting your stories to leave my day job and(DID IT!) work full time on what I love.

Price will vary depending on length, interview time (or number of interviews), hours invested, and urgency.  Consultation is always free.


I also edit good writing, and will request a sample of your writing before I accept it as a project. My editing rates vary, according to the complexity of the work and time constraints.

If you’re looking for a writer or editor, please drop me a line or two and I will follow up as soon as I can. Please note, like an artist who is commissioned to create a painting, I am limited as to how many pieces I can accept at one time.

Contact me at rosefitz.portraitwriter@gmail.com if you are interested in discussing a project.

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