The Perfect Parent

Coming one day to a book store near you…

“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive
the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”
–Luke 18:17:

The Perfect Parent is a 12-story collection of parent/child relationships I started in 2014 and set aside to write Caged Sparrow and From the Remnants. It represents my child-like attempt to address some of the “Yes, but” reasons we all give for not spending more time working on our relationship with God. Two things God put in this world to help us better understand Him are the Bible and children. If you’ve ever had a child, loved a child, or been a child, then this book might have some of the answers or encouragement you’re looking for.

Status: Eight stories completed. Four nearly so. Working on tying them together. Sent a book proposal to a writer in “the network” last week. I should know something by the end of May. I’ll keep you posted.

(OK, they loved the writing, but nobody wants the book just yet. I’m comfortable with this, because as much as I enjoy writing these tales, I happily set this project aside for Joe’s Story and others started pushing them aside).

When I do return, I still have to wrestle with the three children from my Character Closet who have informed me they’re part of The History Lesson story, which was completed, but with only a father and son. Dismantling and re-writing.

1 July 2017 update: Not sure when work will pick back up on this set of stories. They’re as clear in my brain as ever, and begging to be written, but other priorities have arisen. Who knew a writer’s life would be so full of compromises? Still loving the journey. 🙂

19 July 2021 update: After 18 months of covid, personal, and other life altering diversions, I find myself again intrigued by this story and have picked it back up. I do believe it’s time for a book like this. Please pray with me that it will find its way to those who need to read it. Thank you. 

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