Memorial Day: What’s to Celebrate?

28 May

Every year I think I should write something new for Memorial Day, but this still says everything I want to say. Sorry to those who have already read it, but some things just shouldn’t change…

The Portrait Writer

How do You Celebrate Memorial Day?

That was a trick question.

Across the country, folks are firing up those backyard barbecue grills, stocking the beer coolers, brewing sweet tea, and hunting through the garage for the horseshoes and lawn chairs. Company’s a-comin’ and it’s sure to be a day of fellowship and relaxation.

Partiers and politicians alike will make mention in their toasts and speeches of “those who died in defense of this nation” as if it’s a public service announcement. Something to check off  on their “to-do” lists for the day.

But there are also people across the land who are hurting today, for whom this day intensifies the memories of loved ones who didn’t come home. A folded flag presentation. A stone marker in Arlington or any one of the nation’s 131 veteran’s cemeteries. An empty seat at the picnic table.

It’s a little different for me. The…

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One Response to “Memorial Day: What’s to Celebrate?”

  1. Colleen Quinn May 28, 2016 at 12:56 pm #

    Thank you for the reminder of why we have this holiday. It should be written each year to all.

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