Temporary Derailment: A Writer’s Nightmare

All is well now, although I have had to come to grips with a set-back of my own making. Here is an attempt at poetry to explain my absence. No more details needed…

Hard Drive Not Found

Hundreds of children, locked in the grains of a glimmering silver disk.

A plastic prison, inaccessible forever.

I brought them into the world, the scraps, the snippets, the draft chapters.

I toyed with them, entertained them, nurtured them.

Quotes, verses, hints, ideas, set aside to simmer.

Opening lines.


All gone.

Think, think! I scream. There must be a way!

Capture them! Bring them back!




Finding only darkness.

And an awareness—they existed.

I used to ship the wee ones off to the mainland monthly.

I didn’t trust the airways, you see.

But I danced into the holiday season, a neglectful parent.



My children.

Do they ache for me the way I ache for them?

“I told you so,” said the world.

9 thoughts on “Temporary Derailment: A Writer’s Nightmare

  1. Oh, my dear. My heart aches for you. What a cautionary tale. Must avoid this, must avoid this, must avoid this…only I don’t think I know how. Must find out how, must find out how, must find out how… gaaaah.

  2. I would only note that last-ditch data recovery programs – and services that will do it for you – do exist. And they really can get a lot of that data back.

  3. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine.
    But God can, and He did, and He will.
    You’re in my prayers, can’t wait to see the amazing thing God does with all of this.

    • The “funny” thing is, I said a quick prayer after the computer fell and before I knew the extent of damage…”God, please help me learn to be more responsible with this computer.” Geez. I’m such a fruitcake. :\

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